• Overseer: James McClain
  • Sunday School: Lensch Harms
  • Wednesday Night Kids Club: Outgoing: Agatha Wall. Incoming: Rozi Neufeld
  • Children’s Church: Bonnie & Johnny Loewen
  • VBS: Anita McClain
  • Nursery & Toddler Room: Tina Teichroeb

I have been greatly blessed to be the Overseer for this Ministry. It has really helped me with my personal journey with Christ. We have started a few projects this past year with this Ministry.

Lensch and her Team has done an outstanding job in training and teaching our kids in Sunday School. It is awesome to see such loyal teachers who are willing to give so much love and knowledge to our kids. Rhonelda Giesbrecht has stepped down from the 10-11 year old class, but Vickie Bergen volunteered to take over the class. Bobby Teichroeb’s, 12-13 year old, class is real strong, it currently has up to 15 preteens in attendance.

I have started to teach again as well. Once a month I take over the 10-13 year classes and teach them to give those teachers a break, since they are not on the rotation. We are in need of a teacher for the toddler class as well. If you are interested please contact me, James, or Lensch and we will gladly provide you with any info. God bless each one for their dedication.

I am really excited for this one. I started a fun night once a month for the preteens of our church. We have had a lot of fun. We had a movie night to start it off, a game night, a bonfire and a Christmas party. I’ve had so much fun being with these young people and learning their personalities, I am blessed to have them in my life, and am really looking forward to next year to keep this ministry going with them. I am planning the next year to have with them and will have a schedule out soon. I will also post to the preteen Facebook page to keep you informed.

Children’s Church is going really great. Johnny & Bonnie have been doing an excellent job with the kids. They have had up to 40 children in attendance. They also have approximately 10-12 helpers from the preteen age group. They are working hard to keep the great work God has instilled upon them, may God bless them richly for their hard work.

Wednesday Night club is in great shape as well. We have a change in the leadership role. Agatha Wall stepped down and Rozi Neufeld has taken her place.

I wish all the blessings to Agatha and her new baby to be as well as her family. The teachers have their curriculum set and are prepared to take on the next half a year, God bless these teachers as well.

VBS was a huge success this year. This was Anita’s first year in charge. The theme was Make Fun Factory, and that’s what we all had, FUN!! We had a great turnout by the kids and raised over $1,500.00 for the Belize ministry of Henry & Tina Redekopp. The team was very helpful in preparing the church and getting the materials needed to make it such a huge success. Thank you to all involved and God Bless each and every one for your hard work. We are looking forward to this upcoming year.

Tina has been doing a great job in keeping the nursery up and running. They have had plenty of workers helping her out throughout the year and I am thankful for them. God bless them.

I had a workshop in August for some of the leaders and teachers and it was a great. I am hoping to continue with that in 2018. It will benefit all of us in the ministry to improve our dedication in teaching our children.

I am really looking forward to this upcoming year. I hope to have some new projects coming for the teachers, leaders, and the most importantly, the children. God Bless each one of you.

James McClain