Missions Team

  • Cornie Teichroeb
  • Johnny Loewen
  • Ben Schmitt
  • Henry Penner

Missions took 8 guys on a Mission trip to Aransas Pass for 1 week to help MDS relief group with Hurricane Harvey Damage. We teamed up with MEC & Community Church, along with a few other churches in Seminole, each took a week and sent a group out, so together we did a month worth of work. We couldn’t have done it without our local Handy Rental & Loewen Farm Supply, they were a big help with supplying all the tools we needed for the job, a big thanks to them.


     Missions took a trip to Juarez a few times to check on them, we delivered doors and windows for the new Sunday school room that was added this year, with the help of a church that Joel & Amber work with from their home town. We had a Generous Donation from a family in our church that donated all new Heating & AC units for the outreach center that we will be installing in 2018. We are excited to go out there again and help them as they continue to serve the Lord with their gift they have with children and people in general!

  • A Congratulations goes out to Joel & Amber had a new baby girl Lia on 11/15/2017!
  • Missions Got to help with some local needs in Seminole and in our church this year. We also donated $500.00 to Kid-Steam before Christmas, all thanks to our GMC Church family that is so generous and loving, I’m glad to be a part of who we are as a GMC Family. THANKS for your support!!

We help the following Ministries financially as well:

-Cornie Teichroeb