Our Church Structure is summarized as follows:

Our Staff: Our staff is responsible to carry out the day to day operations of the church and ministries. They work under the direction of the Elders. Our staff is accountable to our Lead Pastor.

Our Elder Board: Our elders are responsible for the direction, doctrine, life and practices of the church. They give direction to our staff and ministries of the church.

Our Business Board: Our business board is responsible for the finances, maintenance and all business matters that pertain to the church. Our church treasurer is in this board.

Our Ministry Overseers Board: All our ministries have an overseer (director) and they are responsible to carry out the mandate of their perspective ministry. Currently, the following ministries have an overseer: Children, Deacons, Ladies, Missions, Recruiting and Young Adults/Youth. Our Pastor and our Business Board chair are also part of this board. This board is the information hub.

Our Head Elder chairs the Elder Board and the Ministry Overseer Board.

Our Lead Pastor, Head Elder and Chair of the Business Board work in harmony and unity in all matters of the church.