Pastors & Staff

Pastor Bill & Tina Wiebe

Pastor Couple

Bill and Tina Wiebe have served as missionaries in Durango, Mexico, Pastored in Ontario, Canada, and ministered in over 40 churches in Canada, United States, Mexico, Belize and Bolivia. They have spoken at various camps and retreats. Bill and Tina have two married sons who live in Canada. 

Pastor Peter & Maria Thiessen

Associate Pastor Couple

Pastor Peter & Maria’s ministry assignment is to our German (Plautdiesche) congregation. They connect well with that culture and are effective in serving and ministering to that culture. 

Bill Wiebe

Senior Pastor

Bill is the senior pastor. He does the majority of preaching at the Sunday services. His duties also include all the duties of a senior pastor. 

Tina Wiebe

Counselor, Music/Worship Assistant, Teacher

Tina is a staff associate and she ministers in counseling, music/worship, teaching and ministry projects. 

Susy Buhler

administrative Secretary

Susy is our administrative secretary. She works in the office with secretarial and administrative duties as well as assisting our staff. 

Johnny Marten

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Director

Johnny Marten is responsible for the Youth and Young Adults Ministries. 
(432) 209-2330

John Teichroeb

Music / Worship Coach & Coordinator

John is the Music / Worship Coach and coordinator for the English services.

Anna Wall

Music / Worship Coach & Coordinator

Anna Wall is the music / worship coach and coordinator for our German (Plautdietsche) services. 

Lena Rempel


Our church is a multi-language church. Lena is the person that translates our weekly bulletin and other church documents and literature. She speaks English, Spanish, German and Plautdietsch.