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Love & Glorify god

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Gospel Mission Church streams both the German & English services on Sunday mornings.
Services start at 9:00 am for the German Service, and 11:00 am for the English service.

Pastor Peter & Maria Thiessen

 Pastor Couple
Pastor Peter & Maria’s ministry assignment is to our German (Plautdiesche) congregation. They connect well with that culture and are effective in serving and ministering to that culture. 

Susy Buhler

Administrative Secretary
Susy is our administrative secretary. She works in the office with secretarial and administrative duties as well as assisting our staff. 

Johnny Wall

Youth & Young Adults Ministry Director
Johnny Wall is responsible for the Youth and Young Adults Ministries. 

Meet the team.

John Teichroeb

Music / Worship Coach & Coordinator
John is the Music / Worship Coach and coordinator for the English services. 

Anna Wall

Music / Worship Coach & Coordinator
Anna Wall is the music / worship coach and coordinator for our German (Plautdietsche) services.

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Service Times

German Service

9:00 am

English Service

11:00 am